Top Best 3 Movies of All Time That You Should Watch Immediately!

Hello friends, as you know that movies are the best source of entertainment. There are many other sources of entertainment, but at a higher rate, people are entertained by movies. In today’s article, we will talk about 3 movies which are most famous and people still like to watch. So let’s start.

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Top Best 3 Movies of All Time That You Should Watch Immediately!, We Will Talk About 3 Movies Which Are Most Famous and People Still Like To Watch.
Top Best 3 Movies of All Time 

Top Best 3 Movies of All Time

1.Back to the Future (1985)

You must have seen many time machine movies but this movie Back to the Future is very different and its concept is explained very well. Marty, a 17-year-old boy, accidentally goes back 30 years into a time machine named DeLorean. One day, his close friend Doc Brown, who was a scientist called him to show the time machine but due to some issues he went back 30 years and came to his school time where he remembers everything and tried to tell his friends that he came to the future. But no one believes in him instead of joking. Marty makes several attempts to go back in time but finds no way. Luckily he got a scientist who believes in him and helped him to return back to his time. The film was available on Netflix and got a rating of 8.5 on IMDB.

2. Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)

In this movie, there is a boy named John Conner who is living with his mother Sarah Conner. Both John and Sara are going through difficult times. Both try to avoid Judgment Day. Because John was becoming a part of humanity and going against the machines.

Two terminators have been called from the future to stop him. One robot is good while the other robot is bad. John had an evil intention to eliminate because he creates a bigger problem in the future that is harmful to the robot. But the good man tries to save him, knowing that he too was a robot and that he too will die. But he did not care about it and started helping John. This film was available on Netflix and got an 8.4-star rating and people have liked this film a lot.

3. The Founder (2016)

The film is about a Ray Kroc salesman who started a big business with the idea of two brothers. It was a burger business. Ray took on Mc Donald in a big way, earning crores every day. Young people must watch this film. Many strategies have been given in this film to grow your business. People have liked this film very much and it has got a rating of 7.2 on IMDB.



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